Ewelina Samolej

She is a certified Coach of International Association of Coaching Institutes, who works in English and Polish. Her journey with coaching started in 2013 and she developed her skills in School of Coaching, next she got the international accreditation from Richard Bolstad and next level from Lilianna Kupaj. She worked in Canada and Poland in face to face and online sessions. She accompanies her clients experiencing beautiful changes in their lives feeling grateful for it.


Being interested in the world made her  live and work in USA and in 2015 with her family she moved to Canada, where she got experience in international trade and  business relationships. As an Expat, in the process of relocation, basing on her valuable experience, today she is an Expat Coach and she supports others in the process of change: going abroad, moving in, assimilation in a new culture, developing cultural competence and assisting in individual action planning. She claims that relations between people in professional and private lives are precious, and our attitudes and skills can make us create openness or barriers towards other people.


Her focus on the vocabulary and being inspired by the language as a system and a communication channel encouraged her to first become an English and Russian Philology graduate and today a Language Coach. She activates language potential and supports in overcoming foreign language barriers. Long years teaching in language schools built her experience and in addition to coaching models guarantee effective language goal reaching and engagement.

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