• Master of Wellbeing

    My effective plan will lead you to the state of mindfulness connected with your behavior and the results of your choices. I will direct you towards positive approach of perceiving the world, satisfaction and motivation to engage in life. That way, you will feel inner peace and understanding. You will be decisive and feel in control of your life. You will gain the clear vision of stages in the process of doing your plan step by step.

    Master of Wellbeing
  • Expat coaching

    My supportive program Expat Coaching will teach you positive attitude for assimilation in a new culture, thanks to which You will feel more self-confident in cooperation with international group and You will create relationships based on tolerance and respect.

    Expat coaching
  • Life coaching

    My aimed at positive change program Life Coaching will affect You and will help You  to find satisfying balance in life, thanks to which You will feel that You are aware of reaching Your goals and designing You vision of life.

    Life coaching
  • Foreign Language Coach

    My practical program English Language Coaching will reveal the source of language barriers and reduce it in the process of foreign language acquisition which will make learning process faster, thanks to which You will feel more motivated to interacting English and with open mind You will take part in discussions in English.

    Foreign Language Coach
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